Case Packing

Case Packing

Selecting the proper method of case and tray erecting depends on the application specifications Core Pac offers:

  • Standalone case or tray erector can be later combined with Robotic loader or a mechanical one
  • Combination unit of case erector with loading station that can be manual or automatic
  • Together with case closure via tape or glue
  • Case top loader via robotic arm or via drop Packer
  • Robotic loading arms, gently collate and place your product in cases top and side loading
  • Product collation with automatic top or side loading


  • Reduce packaging costs associated with labor, maintenance, and/or inefficiency
  • Maximize cases style construction, achieve greater corrugated efficiency
  • Flexibility for different products and cases of different shapes, sizes, and weights
  • Easy-to-use operation with an understandable human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Easy tool less change over with completely automa.tic change over available
  • Proven equipment with low maintainace requirements

Case Erecting Loading

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