Material Handling

Engineering and Design

Core Pac engineering and design capabilities include system layouts, equipment design, applications engineering, conveyor solutions, and much more. Using the latest in CAD software, Core Pac designs personalized solutions to meet your material handling needs. We can provide specific specs and prints, approval drawings, design concepts, replacement parts list, installation manuals, maintenance guides, etc.

Applications and Solutions

Applications engineering is the process of designing conveyor systems to meet specific objectives. Core Pac has the experience to help provide you the best solution for the greatest value. We provide application specific equipment to the following manufacturers and businesses: Beverage, food processing, bakeries, bulk handlers, warehousing, packaging integration & automation, etc.

Robotic integration

Core Pac Integrates conveyor solutions that facilitate Robotic Integration like sortation systems. Feeding a robotic Palletizer from several lines and evacuating palletized product through the Stretch Wrapper; couples with communication and information system. CorPac has previously designed systems thatintegrate with customers existing manufacturing software for complete and true integration.

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