Packing Equipment


Leading with Arpac's and other best in class Packaging machinery manufacturers, Core Pac offers a wide range of packaging equipment, from simple low speed stand alone machines to complete high speed integrated systems.


Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Less expensive than other packaging methods, Shrink wrapping equipment protects products from environmental conditions and improves marketability.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Stretch platform, rotary tower and orbital stretch wrappers are one of the most complete line of stretch wrapping systems in the industry. 

Horizontal Form Fill Machinery

Our horizontal form fill machinery is ideal for short or extended production runs, to produce packages for retail displays and wrap a large variety of products.


Case Packers

Our standard and customized wrap around case packers and case/tray packers minimize labor requirements and increase production output.

Case Erectors

Our fully automatic case erectors are capable of forming and sealing a large variety of styles and sizes of corrugated tray, cases and boxes.


Side loaders

Side loaders can be used to erect and automatically load sleeve boxes. Systems for erecting and loading RSC cases are available with product collation. System can be designed to your needs.

6 Point Case Erector

Case Erector Loader

High speed Side Loader

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