Robotic Integration

Robatic Integration Core Pac LLC designs and builds robotic packaging and palletizing systems that can complete complex tasks such as packaging, palletizing, de-palletizing and order picking that previously required vast amounts of manpower. Core Pac LLC offers reliable and efficient solutions that are customized to our customer’s needs and product requirements. Core Pac LLC also offers systems of unrivaled flexibility and reliability that can be freely adapted, again and again, to new or modified products. Core Pac LLC robotic systems make complex packaging and logistical tasks more accurate and productive; in particular arduous or monotonous processes that place a heavy burden on the workforce.
Advantages of Core Pac LLC Robots vs. Conventional solutions:

  • High repeatability and precision
  • Continuous operation, 365 days a year
  • Simple re-programming and operation
  • Greater output per hour with consistently high quality
  • Higher quality compared with traditional methods
  • Flexible Adaptation to changing processes
  • Integrated sensors enable complex work processes
  • Reduced Workload for employees and lowers risk of injuries
  • Higher processing Speed than semi-automated or manual process
  • Standard Robot Sizes for use in the most varied of applications
  • Broad Product Range to cover an extremely wide range of requirements, payloads and reaches 

Justification for Using Robots as Found in Companies That are Using Robots

  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Improved product Quality
  • Elimination of dangerous jobs
  • Increased output rate
  • Increased product flexibility
  • Reduced material waste
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Reduced labor turnover
  • Reduced capital cost
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