System Integration

Since many customers have diverse Packaging requirements within a single production line. Core Pac Is often asked to integrate several process and packaging machines together to form a complete production line. We will handle the project from inception to completion. Starting with Plant Survey, Feasibility Report, Equipment Selection, ROI, Quotes and Layouts, Equipment Purchasing, System set up and Debugging, FAT, Rigging, Set up and Validation. Leading with ARPAC packaging equipment and other best in class manufacturers, Core Pac has set up lines  That includes Fillers, Depalletizers,

Labelers, Cartoning equipment, Shrink and Stretch wrappers, Tray and Case loaders, and Labeling equipment and Robotic Pick and Pace and Palletizing cells. In addition we have set up complex conveyor systems with product stacking, accumulation and sorting.

  • Experience with single line or entire plant integration
  • Complete design and engineering capabilities
  • Tie in Arpac and other best in class equipment
  • Assuming full responsibilities for complete project management from inception to validation

Accurate Data is Essential to Constant Improvement

For complete system integration Core Pac offers SCADA/HMI Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems / Human-Machine interface (HMI) systems provide control data collection and real time monitoring capability in production environments.

  • Adaptable to any specific plant/industry
  • Reduces down-time real time visual and audio alarm via any media (on-screen, loudspeakers, e-mail, cellular etc)
  • Provides an alarm management system for real-time and post analysis
  • Generates enhanced reporting for operators and production     personal, engineering, maintenance and management
  • Provides automated data-acquisition
  • Provides platform n which other dedicated systems can  integrate seamlessly and receive real-time data from it (rather than manual input)
  • Provides expert and cost effective solution over dedicated systems
  • Improves line/production efficiency by displaying real tine alerts production data, deviations, and more

Pouch Packing Integrated System

System design

Pouch Packing Integrated System Built with a loading area to accommodate operators for manual product loading into cartons or for robotic pick-n-place for automatic loading. Carton advancement, product pick-n-place operation and product in-feed are servo controlled to provide reliable and smooth operation. Tri-Seal Former, Vertical Cartoner and Case Erectors Loaders, are adaptable to different types and sizes of products such as pouches, tubes, bags and frozen food. Machines are constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum and is intended for the pharmaceutical and food industry. All setup parameters and settings are saved and recalled in the form of box recipes using HMI (Human Machine Interface). These parameters will include pneumatic, glue and mechanical functions that are controlled in relation to position of product and cartons on the machine, enabling no parameter or minimal adjustment. The use of the PLC and HMI allows the system to accept a wide range of optional equipment such as a coder, labeler, barcode reader and in-feed or discharge conveyors reducing complexity of the control system. It will also increase reliability and performance while concentrating control functions
to the touch screen.

System Capabilities:
  • Erecting a Clam Shell box.
  • Robotic Loading pouches laying down. Rotate product 90 Degree between layers.
  • Erect corrugated case. Collate and load the clam shell boxes.
  • Convey cases through the labeler, Check weigh to Robotic Palletizer and
    Stretch Wrapper
Erecting a vertical loaded carton
  • Robotic loading of Pouches standing up in 6 x 1 configuration
  • Erect corrugated case. Collate and load the clam shell boxes.
  • Convey cases through the labeler, Check weigh to Robotic Palletizer and
    Stretch Wrapper


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